Saturday, December 26, 2015

Math Activity - Secret Code for Kids

Hari ni kami wat activity homeschooling : TOP SECRET!! Hee..ape yg secret sgt 2???

Actually this is playful ways to teach math to our kid..nayli pon mesti da bosan asyik soh die wat latihan mental arithmetic je..rini kt wat activity math cara lain plak ye..

Material : 2 pieces of paper,marker and pencil..

Firstly,start by deciding what secret message you are going to write out..for younger children,prefer to use simple phrase like her die akan lebih familiar..for older children,can make more complicated..

Then write out the key (secret code) and write the clues juge ye seperti gambar di bawah..

Clues tu bolehla gune simple math equation or just put number to match up for younger children..mcm nayli nye ni..aku mix up kn simple math equation and number to match up..kang wat yg ssh2 die malas nk wat..aku da tau da prangai anak dara sorang ni..;p it's time to crack the code!!!


Sengih2 si nayli baca secret message yg aku buat..suke die..

"My name is Nur Nayli Liyana and Math is Fun"

Lpas ni boleh la wat secret message with clues yg lg mencabar..

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